Shepherd’s Bush and Sadness

For the first time since I’ve been travelling, I got a little bit pensive yesterday. I’ve been to London for three days and I spent more than £ 900 (Food and hotel included). I didn’t buy anything besides food! I didn’t know if my back hurts from walking or from the cheap bed I tried to sleep in. By the way, I walked more than 100 km (about 62 miles) and my feet really hurt. I thought I’ve seen anything I wanted to see and ran out of money and really wanted to go home. I asked myself if all the money I spent was worth the time I spent in London. Then I saw the awesome comment of a native and went to “Shepherd’s Bush”. It made me fall in love with this city! Not only that I found “Westfield”(not that I could afford anything there), which I loved SO MUCH in Los Angeles, but I found pretty awesome food, cheap food, cheaper than at home. I’m still stuffed and had my last meal at about 3 o’clock! It was just awesome. Reminded me about of a mixture between “Kreuzberg” and “Neukölln” in Berlin. It was pretty awesome, since I love to see different cultures in mega cities! I’m used to eat Turkish food a lot, so I went for that, and it was better than I expected. It was called “Fisherman’s Hut” I guess, and for less than £ 4,50 I got a HUGE Burger and A LOT of chips (I couldn’t even finish it) and a can of Coke. And the food was pretty good. My recommondation to everyone with a small wallett: Shepherd’s Bush!

I wanted to tell you some things I experienced the last couple of days that really made my jaw drop.

1. McDonald’s has camera’s on the toilets (I haven’t seen a camera in the city where I live since I moved there, no camera besides my iSight oder iPhone).

2. I ADORE the british accent. Every time I hear a guy with a british accent, it literally makes me want to jump on him!

3. I love the way british people talk to each other. I don’t know how many times I’ve been called “darling”, “beautiful” or “love”, or something that really makes me melt: “my lovely”. Baaam! Like a thunderstruck!

4. I always thought about Britain as a country with a lot of punks, HELLO, do you even remember “The Sex Pistols”?! Then I see some and they get arrested while I’m standing there and smiling at them. Five punks get arrested by three giant busses filled with cops! WTF?!?

5. I walk into a Burger King, ’cause I really have to pee, but there was blood all over the walls. I tell the cashière what I saw. First it was hard for her to get if I was talking about the men or the ladies room (WHAT?!?!) and then her reaction: “Just blood, but nothing bad?” WTF?! HELLO?!?! I still can’t get it and I’m shaking my head as I’m writing it.

Okay, I’ll stop…
I have to sleep, tomorrow is going to be an exhausting day. 😦

Xoxo Cherry






Subways and camera’s

I’m in London now for a couple of days. I have to say it’s a really beautiful city, probably one of the few where old and new buildings go together, it’s charming. There are a lot of mentionable things though.

Don’t think about going to London for a week with less than £ 1000 pocket money, it won’t be fun! Everything is SUPER expensive! Unbelievable! The thing is that our currency is very weak compared to the £. That’s why everything seems to be expensive already. Then there’s the fact that everything IS super expensive on its own, so it gets even worse. It’s definitely NO FUN with a small wallet!!!

Big brother is watching you! There are camera’s everywhere, I’ve never seen something like that! :-O

Something I’ve expected to be more in a city like this are trash cans. It’s unbelievable how few trash cans they have, I think they expect us to take everything home or to the hotel? I don’t know.

The good thing is that there are so many things to see and explore, it’s like a book full of pictures! And you can reach everything easily by bus or subway!

Today my shoes broke, so I have to buy some new ones now, my feet are all wet!



Long time no see!

I haven’t posted anything in a while, I know. Just because of a lack of time to be frankly. What happened within the last year?
I moved, I started to study Real Estate Management in the Netherlands and I’m a redhead again! Fortunately!

I’ll promise to keep you updated from now on. 😉

BTW: London Calling! 😉 I’ll write you from there… 😉

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Hiding From The Past

Do you all know those moments you’d like to disappear immediately or would prefer to be invisible for a few seconds? I just had one of those moments.

I just sighted one of my x’s on the street when I was about to walk to a bank around the corner. I tried to hide behind a lamp post. A lamp post! How stupid is that? Nobody is skinny enough to hide after a lamp post! After all he looked at me in disbelief so I took to my heels. People do stupid things when they feel embarrassed.

We didn’t date for a long time. I met him in 2007 in a hospital, he was kinda cute, my type, and after all I broke up with him after about a month and told him it was because his feet wouldn’t smell that nice. Stupid, I know. The real reason was that I was smart enough to recognize that two people, who are officially insane, couldn’t build a couple- ever! Besides that, he was too young for me, older than me, but too young anyways. I need to say that we both went through a very rough time, he was pretty much a drug addict and I was… well… just a little bit depressive. I swear, when I would have dated a person who’s as crazy as I was, and not in a positive way (spontaneous etc.) I wouldn’t have found my peace of mind. The peace of mind I have now. Because of the best friends I can imagine, who take me down to earth every once in a while.

Thanks to Jan, Léo, Inge, Romie, Amélie, Melanie and Carmel…


Hey folks!

During my eight years as a vegan, I’ve had a steady weight of 94lbs (43kg), beside the pregnancy, and I wasn’t underweight! So I’m gonna try that again and keep you updated! 🙂

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